In the workshop the current exhibit will give an opportunity to start a conversation about themes like diversity, identity and sense of purpose. Societal developments will be taken into account here. These are complex, politically engaged themes, yet it is possible to discuss them lightly when using art as a conversation starter. Topics like: Racism, Transgender rights, climate change, gender and even moorkoppen

With the help of art and Peggy’s out-of-the-box analysis the conversation will take on the shape of a dialogue with room for debate.Taking on an ontological perspective Peggy tries to spark interactions between people. She encourages thought and taking a leap into the unknown to get on the right track.

During the workshop the participants will put themselves at centre stage through associative thinking, arguing, presenting and active listening. The questions that come up during the session, like questions of dealing with confrontation, will of course be discussed. Philosophical questions like ‘Why do we live the way we do’ and ‘Why do we live in a society’ are also a part of the inspiring workshop