About Peggy

In the heart of Amsterdam-West you can find Cultural Speech, a beautiful gallery set up by Peggy Wessels. With a lot of passion she brings us out-of-the-box contemporary art, fuelled and inspired by the road she took towards the world of art. Peggy has a background in Social Work and works a spiritual Mental Coach en counselor.

Art is Therapy

Peggy can discuss various themes from an underdog position thanks to the empathy she had gained in her own experience. Being able to adres complex or sensitive topics helps to lift pain, sadness, disappointment and fear from you life. Empowerment is for everyone who struggles with these feelings and is open to learn from each other in a dynamic group setting.

The gallery stands for finding depth, overcoming obstacles and leading a carefree life.

Do you wish your life had more depth? Are you looking for a sense of purpose? Let’s climb that mountain together!

Let’s sing and dance, and converse about the big questions in life to help you (re)discover yourself and your potential. Vulnerability is not a shortcoming, its the road to your authentic self.

Meaningfulness, Holism and art are combined in our Art is Therapy sessions.

For more info check out: PeggyMentalCoaching.nl.